Zloadr Launches Lifestyle News & Magazine Section

October 12, 2016 0 By FandomFare

London, United Kingdom – Zloadr launches its lifestyle section ‘Zloadr Lifestyle’, a new lifestyle news and magazine section dedicated to obsessively documenting all topics and matters relating to lifestyle for iPhone users. Zloadr’s Lifestyle section will be one of Zloadr’s flagship genres; appealing to a broad demographic of readers which include influencers, leading men and women, trendsetters, aficionados and those who can relate to topic headlines published under the lifestyle section of Zloadr.

Following the same successful launch of Zloadr’s Broadcast Platform, the “Lifestyle News” section will focus on publishing and distribute content from a huge list of publications dedicated to lifestyle content, and also revered as leaders amongst others in this particular field. Zloadr’s Lifestyle News section will have its own presence and social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google; for those wishing to be kept up to date with stories and news from the publication publishing within the lifestyle section via Zloadr.

Zloadr’s Lifestyle News social media channels will also serve as teasers points, for restricted editorial and content scheduled for publishing in issues of featured publications such as Lists, features, reviews and more.

Sam Enrico Williams the founder of Zloadr goes on to say: “The Lifestyle News section will be the one stop shop for everything lifestyle news related. You can visit the section to catch up on the latest lifestyle news and features; find relevant reviews and expert advice from leading lifestyle professionals, who will contribute to various publications hosted on Zloadr”

Sam Enrico said: “We’re interested in all things lifestyle for the new section on Zloadr. If it appeals to the lifestyle content readers, then it will be covered.” Williams goes on to say “social media will play a huge part in distributing the sections content as well as gaining potential readers to Zloadr’s overall platform readership”

In addition to Williams, Zloadr’s Lifestyle News section has an international team of writers and contributors who dedicate time to researching; discovering and publishing the most relevant and interesting material falling under lifestyle.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6 Plus
* Requires any ePub Reading Application

Zloadr’s Lifestyle News section is free to access and predominantly aimed at those who are real lifestyle enthusiast and appreciate content dedicated to the newly created section available at the Zloadr website.

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